NAD's international work

The oppression and discrimination of disabled people do not stop at our borders. Everywhere in the world the living standards of disabled people are lower than those of the general population. The situation is at its worst in poor countries. NAD sees it as a moral imperative to take part in the international work to improve the lives of disabled people worldwide.

Bilde av Jafeti Luhena 11 år fra Malawi. Foto: Torgrim Halvari/Atlas-alliansen 
11 year old Jafeti Luhena  from Malawi. Photo: Torgrim Halvari/Atlas-Alliansen

The way we work 

All our projects are anchored in local communities and are based on cooperation with local advocacy organizations of and for disabled people and/or local authorities.

Where do we work? 

NAD’s international engagements take place in Uganda, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Lesotho and Palestine as well as in refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon.

Blog from the south 

In our series “Blog from the South” we are given direct insight into the everyday lives of disabled people in poor countries, penned by disabled men and women in NAD’s partnered countries.

Support us!

NAD’s international work is supported by NORAD and Operation Day’s Work, but with more funds we can do even more. Do you think we do a good job? Support us!

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