The Norwegian Association of Disabled

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The Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD) is an independent advocacy organization working for equal rights and social participation for the disabled. Our main target group is people with physical impairments.

All people are equal and have the right to an independent life. Disability is a result of exclusion and shortage of accessibility. Our demand for equal rights with other citizens is a matter of achieving basic human rights. Physical exclusion and social isolation is equivalent to discrimination.

Oppression and discrimination is not just a happening in Norway. Our organisation is an active participant in the area of international aid and we are fighting against all forms of discrimination.

Social development has always been a challenge to NAD regarding innovative thinking and the ability to readjust. NAD was established before the social security and welfare systems were developed and in a period where people with impairments to a large extent were made invisible and excluded from participation in social life. During the 20th century we have been struggling to gain acceptance as regular members of society. We fight against exclusion and promote inclusion. A lot have been achieved but there is still a long way to go before we reach our goal of full social participation and equal right.

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